S-1 S Fine Satin Wax

CHF 29.00

Hardened Stainless Steel
90 mm – 3 1/2″
Tip: Fine

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This Regine tweezer is ideal for meticulous chin, leg and body hair removal after waxing to remove the hairs that wax misses. Favored by professional waxers, estheticians and electrologists.

Perfect tip alignment, very sharp and precise, 100% Made in Switzerland.

Surgical-grade steel that will never lose its sharpness. For professionals and those looking for the best without compromise. You can easily disinfect and sterilize the whole tweezer. Wax can easily be removed from it.

Hand-crafted. Each tweezer is checked individually before leaving our factory: about 50 operations are needed to transform the material into a Regine precision tool!


Regine Tweezers will last a lifetime… if you take care of them!

When you purchase any Regine tweezer you have a lifetime guarantee… so buy with confidence! But remember to treat your Regine tweezers with love: it truly requires little to no maintenance as our quality is made to last.

If you keep your Regine tweezers in tip-top shape, you’ll never need another pair again!

Clean and sanitize your tweezers
We use surgical grade stainless steel for all Regine tweezers, so they can be cleaned by hospital grade sterilization and they will never rust or tarnish! Just use rubbing alcohol or antibac soap and hot running water (or a clean cloth or a cotton ball) to remove any hair, makeup, cream and oil: this process will eliminate bacteria from the tip, prevent them from transferring to your skin next time you use them. Because you don’t want to use dirty tweezers around your eyes and face, right?

Dry them well and store them properly
Then leave your tweezer to air dry on a clean towel. Make sure they are completely dry before putting them away. Store your Regine Tweezers in a dry place to keep them in like-new condition.
Always keep the gummy end cap on the tip: it protects your tweezers if you accidentally drop them or if they’re sliding around in a drawer.

Don’t drop them!
This is the most important tip to remember once you invest in high-quality tweezers. Unlike mass-produced tools, Regine Tweezers go through a 40-STEP HANDCRAFTING PROCESS, with each tweezer going under microscope inspection to ensure perfect tip alignment. If tips are off by even half of a millimeter, they won’t work properly! However, for the alignment to stay perfect for years and years, it is very important that you never drop your tweezers: taking a big fall can damage the tip or alignment.

Use them for tweezing only…
Yes, it may be tempting to use your extra-sharp tweezers to rip the seal off other beauty products or to yank a sticker off a new purchase, but don’t do this! Using cosmetic Regine tweezers for anything other than personal grooming can cause damage to the tips or alignment and will keep them from working well in the future.

Use a light touch
When you’re working with a really difficult strand of hair, it may be tempting to press your tweezers together really hard and pull with all of your strength. But doing that can damage the tips. So when you’re tweezing, use very light pressure. You might have had tweezers that required you to push down really hard to grip the hair and pull it out. This won’t happen with handcrafted Regine Tweezers: the 25-degree angled tip is perfect for grabbing each hair and smoothly pulling it out from the root every time.

We have good news: sharpening not required! Not only we use surgical-grade stainless steel that guarantees strength and durability, but we temper it to harden the metal. This means Regine tweezers will never dull and never wear out.


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